One of the many things I enjoy doing is sewing. There is a young girl as our church who has the American Girl doll named Kit, who is from the 1930’s. Her doll doesn’t have many clothes, so I thought I’d make her a few more – the dresses are made to look similar to the style of the 30’s, including the use of 30’s reproduction material. The Pattern I used (with a few minor adjustments because of the size of the doll) was Vogue number 7565.

Another item I made for my young friend was a bed. I found the idea at a fabric store. They had a pattern for sale to purchase, but Momma assured me I could make it fine with out a pattern. I used a clear plastic tub for the bed, so it doubles as a storage container. The dust ruffle is made out of 3, 6″ x 43″ strips of fabric. Sticky Velcro is what I used to keep the ruffle on the plastic bin. The quilt is made of 30, 4 1/2″ blocks of fabric. For the fitted sheet I measured the lid of the bin and added a few extra inches to case elastic in, and then cut the fabric to that size. I rounded all the corners before folding the the edge over to make a casing for the elastic. There is a small mattress (not pictured) made out of quilt batting and a scrap of white muslin that is underneath the fitted sheet. The flat sheet is measured to fit underneath the quilt, and the pillow is stuffed with left over quilt batting.