I have had a number of friends inquire about how I make my skirts. I thought I’d share this online in the hopes that other people might find it helpful. This will explain (hopefully…) how to make a nice denim skirt out of two pairs of jeans.

To begin you’ll need two pairs of jeans (if you want a fuller skirt boot cut jeans work well) the size that you want your skirt.

To begin rip out the inside seem of both pair of pants:

Now take  the  first pair of jeans and cut the legs off right below the pockets:

With the second pair of jeans rip-out the front and back seam part way up:

Take one of the leg pieces from the first pair of jeans and tuck it inside the second pair of jeans like this:

Turn the raw edge of the second pair of jeans to the inside of the skirt:

Line up the hem line of  the second pair of jeans and leg piece from the first pair and pin it in place:

Pin the middle back seam of the second pair of jeans to the middle seam of the legs piece from the first pair of jeans:

Make sure that the edge lies smoothly then pin the rest of it in place like so:

When pinned the the inside of the skirt should look like this:

Next sew very closely to the folded edge on the outside of the second jeans:

It should look like this when it is sewn:

Next turn the skirt inside out and trim off the excess fabric near the seam:

Follow the same steps for the front of the skirt:

Once both sides of the skirt are finished trim off the hem edge of the skirt:

Finally hem the skirt to the desired length: