Over the winter while finishing up my history degree I did a research project on my families genealogy. The family I research was the Charles Squire family. His wife Maria Alzina Finch (Squire) was born in Belle Plain, Minnesota in 1841. She married Charles Squire in April 16, 1864. Charles and Maria settles down on a farm in Scott County, Minnesota in 1865 after Charles returned from the War. They moved to Glenwood, Pope County, Minnesota in 1882. Maria spent the rest of her life there until her own death on October 6, 1924.

In July my parents and I visited the Pope County Historical society and found in the archives a quilt top made my Maria Squire. I was able to have a close look at the quilt and take pictures of it. The Quilt top was made by my Great-Great-Great-Grandmother. :)

IMG_20140726_132033 IMG_20140726_132324 IMG_20140726_132336 IMG_20140726_132406