Picture 006

The dress when it was given to me.

Back in around 2007-8 I was assisting a lady in her alterations and tailoring shop. One of the items that came in was a wedding dress. The lady that brought it in wanted a baby shall made from the dress. The baby shall was cut out of the train leaving the main part of the dress in tack and still use able. The lady who’s dress it had been was generous enough to let me have the dress since she had no use for the dress any longer. I brought it home and stuck it away in a closet; faintly hoping that someday, maybe, I could fix it and wear it myself. This fall I did fix the dress (cut of the train and added sleeves) and also got to wear it at my wedding.


the hole in the train

Dress - 2

The dress on wedding day.

CK - 2

The dress with a fixed train and sleeves